"Only dead fish swim with the stream."

a Social enterprise helping public benefit organisations to swim against the flow - with particular expertise in school and third sector collaboration

It's easy to get carried downstream doing what you think is expected, or what you've always done.

The organisations that will succeed in turbulent times are those who have the very best solutions, and who know exactly what their beneficiaries need.

notdeadfish provides contemporary advice and direct support from professionals who have experience working across charity, public sector and profit-making community benefit organisations. 

For examples of the third sector organisations we support, visit our dedicated client page for more information.

Let us help your cause to thrive, upstream. 

The below clients currently benefit from the support of the notdeadfish team...

Whole Education

Whole Education is a dynamic network of schools, organisations and partners dedicated to redefining education. An increased emphasis is placed on academic attainment in today's National Curriculum, with little regard for the important skills that help children to become more rounded individuals. We support Whole Education in their mission to provide a fully rounded education, developing the knowledge needed to help young people thrive.

Think Global

We're all facing the same global challenges and we support Think Global's mission in educating the UK public about every single one of them. To date, the organisation's youth work through the Global Youth Action project has engaged thousands of young people and helped them to connect to global issues. The Global Dimension site is now the leading teaching resource on global agendas and reaches 2.6 million school children every year.

Musical Futures

Musical Futures is a fantastic movement that is helping to reshape music education in schools. Driven by teachers for teachers, and supported by notdeadfish, Musical Futures promotes, supports and develops innovative and high-quality teaching throughout the UK. Musical Futures is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation special initiative. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is also supported by notdeadfish. Together, we are helping people to realise their true potential.

Email: info@notdeadfish.co.uk
Registered address: Sundance, Innhams Wood, TN6 1TE