31 organisations to watch and learn from in 2017

Over December we listed 31 organisations who are making a significant contribution to improving outcomes for children and young people. We have been privileged to work for and with many of these organisations over 2016, reflecting our intent to only work with organisations who are leaders in their field and with a strong social mission.

The list reflects three of our key areas of expertise – outdoor learning, SEND and cultural education. Also our interest in organisations that balance ‘doing’ with robust evaluation, research and advocacy. It includes several coalition and partnership bodies – this links to one of our core values that collaboration leads to better outcomes and better use of resources. It also includes many school led networks, reflecting our belief that programmes to be run through schools should be developed and delivered with schools.

Two of the organisations are part of our pro bono programme for 2017.  Our Director Anita Kerwin-Nye is Chair of Musical Futures and alongside our current support we have committed to raising at least £5000 over 2017 to support more young people having a positive experience with music. Anita was inspired to take the Chair role having had a negative experience with musical education in her youth. She was told at 11 she couldn’t sing – just before a performance of the school choir and by her music teacher no less!  Anita has been taking singing lessons over 2016 and will be doing a gig in 2017 as part of her personal challenge before she turns 50 later in the year.

We have also committed to raising a similar amount for Hindleap Warren – an outdoor activity centre in Sussex that is part of the London Youth programme.  We all know the value of residentials;  not just from our working with Learning Away but also from the personal experiences of many of the NotDeadFish team. Supporting the #brilliantresidentials that happen at Hindleap is part of our chance to give back.

Our blog on our learning from these organisations is 31 days and 5 winning ways. And to make it easier to follow them all you can access the twitter list below.

Like all such lists it can never be exhaustive. There are new partners that we will be working with in 2017 including Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres and English Outdoor Council as well as those working in our 2017 themes #isinclusionover and #youthled. It doesn’t include some of the exciting new organisations that we are watching over 2017 including Sour Lemons and Resolution Hive and the new social enterprises being incubated and supported by schemes such as Young Academy and UnLtd.

The difficulties facing young people and the social mission sector are many but these 31 organisations – and those that fund and support them – are leading the way in rising to the challenge.

We look forward to seeing the next steps over 2017.

31. @hindleapwarren

30. @ufaorg

29. @drivertrust

28. @hestia1970

27. @innovation_unit

26. @llsinfo

25. @aldridgefn

24. @stammer

23. @UKCF_tweets

22. @infusedlearn

21. @widerworlduk

20. @thersaorg

19. @lkmco

18. @OceanMaths

17. @wholeschoolSEND

16. @NALC

15. @stephenCarrickD

14. @learnonscreen/@ondemandbob

13. @DfuseConflict

12. @A_New_Direction


10. @PeaceChild

9. @YHAOfficial

8. @sibs_UK

7. @musicalfutures

6. @womened

5. @ltolcic

4. @learningaway

3. @teamUWS

2. @languagefutures

1. @wellgroundedHQ/@evewagg