5 Top Tips For Writing Fundraising Bids That Win

What kind of success rate are you achieving with your fundraising bids? If it’s less than the accepted industry gold standard of one in three, our tips below could significantly help to boost your ratio. It's even worth a read if you are doing well (in fact we’d love to hear your own nuggets of wisdom, so please do comment)...

1.       Cut to the chase

Don’t spend too long explaining who you are and why you’re great – lead with the main point you want to make: why you need their funding and the difference it will make.

2.       Hearts and minds

Results, statistics, research will convince.  Alfie’s story in his own words will really stir emotions.

3.       Be slightly sneaky

If your charity develops young people’s skills and the funder’s passion is character – or life chances – use the words character, or life chances. But not so much that it looks contrived (sprinkle, don’t drench).

4.       Jargonbust

Get your mum/girlfriend/husband/four-year-old/dog to take out anything that isn’t in plain English, i.e. Social action... Stakeholder... you get the jist.

5.       Say less

Finding filling out boxes wearisome? Take pity on the poor reader who has hundreds to sift through. Make every sentence as short and direct as you can. So, make every sentence short. Shorten your sentences. Be direct!

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