How To Write Compellingly For Your Audience

In an age where we’re bombarded with marketing materials, from tweets and Facebook posts to magazine articles and guidebooks – a writer’s job is more important, and perhaps more difficult – than ever before. Just how do you stand out from the crowd amongst a sea of tweets or a pile of paperwork?

A journalist’s job is to connect with the reader, and to tell the story – in that order – to secure as many readers as possible. Being a copywriter, your goal changes slightly. A copywriter’s job is to tell the story and to connect with the reader in a way which will spark a reaction and ensure that they have taken something away from reading your work – that could be signing up to a product, joining an initiative, following a series of guidelines, or learning a new skill.


Here, the written word isn’t necessarily successful if it secures a million readers – how many of those read to the bottom of the page, or took action as a result of reading your work? The purpose of copy in marketing is to ENGAGE. To inform the reader, to engage, perhaps persuade and even entertain.

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