Seeking London School Partners For Innovative KS3 English Project

London Schools Excellence Fund offers grants for projects in London schools which support subject-based teaching excellence. Think Global and Doc Academy are developing an application to this fund for an innovative KS3 English project, and are seeking partner secondary schools in London.

Think Global is a national charity working to support and promote critical and creative learning about global challenges. They run Global Dimension, the UK’s leading global resource site for teachers, are experienced resource-writers and offer a range of training opportunities for teachers.  BRITDOC, a non-profit film foundation empowering documentary filmmaking, runs Doc Academy, a project supporting the use of documentary film in schools.

Think Global and Doc Academy would like to work in partnership with a small number of London secondary schools to develop and deliver a high-quality scheme of work around one or more international films. The scheme of work would:

  • Fit closely to the curriculum and requirements in English at KS3, supporting excellent teaching of reading, writing and speaking,
  • Focus on Year 7, 8 or 9, depending on what works for partner schools,
  • Include clips from outstanding international documentary films, to engage students and quickly access complex issues,
  • Support teachers and students to critically explore relevant global issues (e.g. democracy and migration) as well as the power of film,
  • Incorporate the collaborative input of teachers, bringing their knowledge of what works for their students, with Think Global’s experience of creatively exploring global issues, and Doc Academy’s access to international documentaries,
  • Be developed into a professionally published toolkit for teachers in other schools to use.

The project process is yet to be confirmed, and would depend on the needs and ideas of partner schools, but may include:

  • A training day in the Spring Term 2014 for all teachers involved to meet, view and select from a short-list of documentaries, and plan the unit of work at a high level
  • Research and development work by Think Global and Doc Academy to bring together relevant film clips, background and activity ideas
  • Regular online, twilight meetings for participating teachers throughout the second half of the spring term and all of the summer-term to develop the scheme of work further and feedback on delivery
  • Delivery of the scheme of work during summer term 2014 by teachers in partner schools
  • A second in-person day training towards the end of the summer term 2014 to reflect on the process and review the scheme of work, make plans for delivery by schools in the next school year, and comment on the developing publishable toolkit

Partner schools involved would gain:

  • Collaborative work with other schools and support from external organisations in the development of a new scheme of work – a great professional development opportunity for teachers involved
  • Profile for the school through the professional publication of the toolkit
  • Payment for cover costs

Partner schools need to:

  • Be prepared to deliver a new scheme of work at KS3 during the summer terms 2014
  • Commit an English teacher(s) to the project, who can attend the in-person and on-line meetings
  • Show how the project aligns with their school or department development plan
  • Make some contribution in-kind to the project (this is a requirement of the fund and could include teacher time beyond the paid days of cover, use of school buildings – to be negotiated)
  • Be able to commit to involvement in this project, and provide some limited details for the application, by the end of October.

If you are interested in being involved or would like to find out more, please contact Kate Brown, Head of Programmes at Think Global on 02079227936,