Top 11 United Kingdom Online Fundraising Platforms 2017

Online giving is something fundraisers are increasingly asked about – do we need online giving? Does it work? Most important of all, what are the differences between platforms? At notdeadfish, we've looked at some of the biggest names, and complied some information below on what each site has to offer.

BT MyDonate is emphatically the cheapest being funded entirely by BT’s corporate social responsibility department, while the other two largest platforms are JustGiving and Virgin Money. All three have good brand equity, which can increase their usefulness, as many potential donors will already have accounts.

Appraising any of these funding platforms for your organisation will vary depending on the needs of your organisation. However, we have provided some basic data to help you weigh the costs, features, and profile of various different fundraising websites. There is no definite answer, because while some platforms may charge lower fees, a website with fewer features and a poorer user experience will cost more in lost donations; as will a site with less brand equity at a time when trust in charities is declining.

Though all these tools can be useful it is worth bearing in mind that only around 15% of people opt in to allowing their data to be transferred to the charity they donate to, and so these tools also have their limits in building a CRM database of donors, and in providing captured information to inform an ongoing strategy.

Firstly, costs:

Site Fees Commission Money per £10 donation with Gift Aid
BT MyDonate 0% £12.35
Every Click 4% £11.94
Virgin Money Giving £120 2% £12.15
Givey 5% £12.50
JustGiving £15.00/m 5% £11.78
The Big Give 4% £12.00
Global Giving 10% £11.25
Charity Choice £12.25
CAF Donate 0% £10
Total Giving 0% £12.50
LocalGiving £72 5% £11.67

Secondly, functionality:

SiteAutomatic Gift Aid ReclaimSupports SMS GivingMobile Site/AppIndividual Profiles
BT MyDonateYesNoiOS, AndroidYes
Every ClickNoNoNoYes
Virgin Money GivingYesYesiOS, AndroidYes
JustGivingYesYesiOS, AndroidYes
The Big GiveNoNoNoNo
Global GivingYesNoYes
Charity ChoiceYesNo
CAF DonateNoNoNo
Total GivingYesNoiOS

Finally, brand awareness:

SiteTwitter FollowersFacebook LikesUK Traffic Ranking
BT MyDonate358430055 [NB this is for the BT website, not its fundraising function]
Every Click180027467
Virgin Money Giving48600680002463
The Big Give12000370042933
Global Giving10400080,000N/A
Charity Choice9100120019504
CAF Donate2270018111
Total Giving18700180062985