What can schools learn from charities?

Today, our director, Anita Kerwin-Nye published a piece in Schools Week asking 'Are we boiling frogs?'  In the piece we asked why it was that school leaders had so easily accepted the creeping language of for-profit businesses. Trustees of MATs are interchangeably referred to as directors, and year on year the pay of some top MAT CEOs spirals, and former heads and NLEs move into private practice as consultants.  

None of this is inherently bad, but it does raise questions around how we can discuss these issues, and what our moral framework must be. School leaders, likewise, have not been given the skills or decision making framework to balance the architecture of the new system with the moral purpose that has always set the education and third sectors apart from for-profit business. 

Alongside the piece in Schools Week, we are launching a longer piece, intended as the starting point of a broader discussion and partnership between schools and third sector organisations, and a deeper understanding of the moral hazards the new system presents. 

Schools are not-for-profit: A case for closer working between schools and the charity sector