british universities film and video council (BUFVC)

The British Universities Film & Video Council (BUFVC) is a representative body that promotes the production, study and use of moving image, sound and related media in higher education, further education and research. Founded in 1948 as the British Universities Film Council, it became the British Universities Film & Video Council in 1983. The Council is supported by members’ subscriptions and receives part funding via the Jisc. 

notdeadfish supports the BUFVC's work, notably the launch of BoB in Schools.

Schools across the UK can join the BUFVC and access a range of specialist services. BoB in Schools membership allows schools to view and record well over 1.3 million TV and radio programmes (including several foreign language channels).

Over 100 universities, colleges and schools already use BoB as part of their everyday teaching and learning. Registered users can access an extensive archive of existing content to support lesson planning and curriculum delivery.

BoB also gives teachers access to a unique source of rich, reliable and legally available audio-visual material.