It's more than likely we've all encountered conflict in our lives - whether it's in a school, in our communitites - or in the workplace. But while confrontation can seem daunting, there are ways to deal with these situations safely and confidently.

Dfuse is a fantastic charity that teaches people how to deal with confrontation, aggression and anti-social behaviour in everyday life. 

The organisation was founded by Jane Atkinson in 2007 in response to a growing number of reported incidents of anti-social behavior, including one where an individual was fatally stabbed on a public bus whilst others looked helplessly on. 

Jane had observed how new police officers quickly learn to handle difficult public order incidents calmly and effectively. This led her to launch and adapt the same training techniques for members of the public.

With specialist courses and expert advice, we support Dfuse in spreading their message across the UK and delivering training to businesses, charities, the public sector and communities, so we can all learn to resolve difficult situations peacefully. 

notdeadfish's own Director, Matt Overd, is also a Director of Dfuse.