the inclusion trust

The Inclusion Trust works to provide alternative teaching approaches to help 'pushed out' learners to grow and thrive.

The Trust adopted the term ‘pushed out’ learners to provoke a debate among practitioners that will focus on the weaknesses in education systems rather than the ‘abnormality’ of the individual child.

There is evidence that exclusion patterns are disproportionately high for particular groups of young people, such as those who experience poverty, have Special Educational Needs and attend poor schools.

It's therefore of paramount importance that rather than accepting that almost half of young people fail to achieve a core set of good GCSEs, we must acknowledge that many do not have the access and opportunities they need.

By focusing on young people who have been pushed out of school, the Trust has identified the root causes that lead them to enter the world of Alternative Education. The Trust today works in close partnership with other practitioners to make the world of Alternative Learning better.