we support a diverse range of third sector organisations, with a specialist focus on education. here's a taster of a few of them.

if you would like to know how we can help your cause, don't hesitate to get in touch. 


We support The London Leadership Strategy, a not-for-profit organisation run by serving headteachers. Our very own Director, Anita Kerwin-Nye, is also Managing Director of the organisation.

The London Leadership Strategy was born of the London Challenge, and works today to keep its spirit alive, providing programmes for London schools and beyond - across Norfolk, Somerset, South Glocester, Portsmouth and Poole. In 2014, we led 'LondonEd', a knowledge mobilisation initiative, to further disseminate best practice in education.  Our work with the LLS is focused on what schools care about - teaching and learning, leadership, CPD, staff retention, recruitment and energising staff.



Whole Education is a dynamic network of schools, organisations and partners dedicated to redefining today’s educational offering. So much importance is placed on knowledge and academic attainment in our national curriculum, with little regard for the important skills which help children to become more rounded individuals. 

Through a series of bespoke conferences, workshops and programmes, we support Whole Education in helping schools to provide a balanced education with a renewed focus on the development of a range of skills, qualities and knowledge that they will need for life, learning and work. 

Whole Education strongly believes that the desire to provide a ‘whole education’ is why most of today’s senior leaders, middle leaders and teachers, embraced this profession.  They want to give young people from all backgrounds an education that engages them, excites them, and cultivates a love of learning that will help them to achieve their true potential. They truly want to give young people ‘an education worth having’. And we want to help. 



It's more than likely we've all encountered conflict in our lives - whether it's in a school, in our communitites - or in the workplace. But while confrontation can seem daunting, there are ways to deal with these situations safely and confidently.

Dfuse is a fantastic charity that teaches people how to deal with confrontation, aggression and anti-social behaviour in everyday life. 

The organisation was founded by Jane Atkinson in 2007 in response to a growing number of reported incidents of anti-social behavior, including one where an individual was fatally stabbed on a public bus whilst others looked helplessly on. 

Jane had observed how new police officers quickly learn to handle difficult public order incidents calmly and effectively. This led her to launch and adapt the same training techniques for members of the public.

With specialist courses and expert advice, we support Dfuse in spreading their message across the UK and delivering training to businesses, charities, the public sector and communities, so we can all learn to resolve difficult situations peacefully. 

notdeadfish's own Director, Matt Overd, is also a Director of Dfuse.



Quality teaching comes down to far more than a structured, formal curriculum - even Whole Education has taught us that. Musical Futures is a fantastic movement working to reshape music education. It's driven by teachers, for teachers, and supported by notdeadfish. At its heart is a set of pedagogies that bring informal teaching approaches into more formal contexts, to provide engaging music making activities to young people. 

Launched in 2003, Musical Futures is a Paul Hamlyn Foundation initiative. The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is also supported by the notdeadfish team. 

With training and professional development, resource production, networking events and special projects, we're helping to provide teachers with the skills and confidence to facilitate engaging music lessons.  




The UFA (University of the First Age) is a national education charity, supported by notdeadfish. To date, the organisation has worked with 750,000 young people and 6,000 adults in over 50 regions to create inspiring learning techiques for everyone. 

Founded in Birmingham by legendary educator and former Schools Commissioner for London, Tim Brighouse, the UFA works to raise aspirations across schools, homes and communities. 

Together with the UFA, we explore imaginative approaches to training in order to engage teachers and professionals, parents, carers and organisations in transforming their own learning practice. 



A incredible 5 in 8 children aren't learning about major world events at schools, while 1 in 3 secondary teachers feel schools fail to prepare children for a fast-changing, globalised world. 

We support Think Global, a national education charity that believes in equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to make better decisions in a just and sustainable world. 

Think Global educates and engages the UK public about global issues through a range of projects by influencing policy, engaging in research and  working with a membership network of schools, organisations and youth projects.