Travelling downstream or along with the flow is not an option when you're a third sector organisation.

We must work hard to stand out from the crowd, rise above the rest and make ourselves heard. 

notdeadfish consists of a qualified team of professionals with a broad range of experience in fundraising, education, business, design, digital and media. Together, we support organisations and help them to thrive in the market. 

Our existing client portfolio speaks for itself - we support a number of charities and initiatives, raising their profiles and providing expertise and consultancy - every step of the way.

So, how can we help you?

We can construct a theory of change and evaluation frameworks.

We can develop and implement income generation strategies.

We can support and facilitate policy development, social media strategies, press and event management, training programmes, websites and blogs

We can bring sectors together.

We can connect people.

We see opportunities and we make them happen.

We can offer support in areas of human resources, finance and legal through our FCIPD teams and partner consultants.

We can facilitate team days and provide access for Myers Briggs testing and qualified coaches.

We can provide unmatched expertise in the education and charity sectors. 

Join our portfolio of thriving organisations and make a difference.