young women's trust

Young Women's Trust supports and represents over one million women aged 16-30 who are trapped by low pay or no pay and facing a life of poverty. 

The Trust provides various services and runs campaigns to ensure that the potential and talents of young women don't go to waste - and so that they can fully contribute to society.

Its longstanding vision is of a society that respects and listens to young women, actively encourages their self-confidence and where they have the opportunity to be financially independent and participate fully.

notdeadfish supports the Young Women's Trust's aims, which are to:

- Demonstrate the reality of young women’s lives
- Show what works to make a difference
- Develop and test new ways of supporting young women
- Find and promote good practice and good policy
- Gather the views and voices of young women and support them in being heard where it matters

Young Women’s Trust wants to create change through campaigning, supporting young women and importantly, by involving more young women in debating the issues that affect them directly.